Friday, April 29, 2011

kickin it like a kool kat.

okay. so that title is completely random, but i say that all the time and it was the first thing that popped into my head.


the first item of business i want to share is the state of my hair.

yep. it's not wet. i haven't washed it for.....5 days. i'm the sickest biotch alive.

but you know what?? 
 i don't even care, because i'm a freakin nanny!

that's what my life has become. days running together, forgetting to shower {or choosing not to shower because i'm too lazy, take your pick} honestly though. i'm just gonna have to stick it out. and summer is coming! i have never seen anything so green in my life! the trees are the most vivid colors of green right now it's insane. and the weather is finally starting to warm up. and we do have a i guess i'll just be kickin it poolside all summer and get paid for it. haaaaaaaaaaa! that's right suckas!   

guess what else? i got one of those feather extensions, but i kinda think it was a bad idea.
you see, i chose orange. and the orange one looks exactly like a gardener snake. and everyone knows how much i hate snakes..... so it kinda gives me the heebies whenever i think about it....... check it out.

do ya'll see what i mean? 

welp. i pretty much have nothing else......
so live long and prosper.

Monday, April 18, 2011


No words
My tears won't make any room for more
And it don't hurt
Like anything I've ever felt before, this is
No broken heart
No familiar scars
This territory goes uncharted

Just me
In a room sunk down in a house in a town, and I
Don't breathe
No I never meant to let it get away from me, now
Too much to hold, everybody has to
Get their hands on gold
And I want uncharted

Stuck under this ceiling I made
I can't help the feeling

I'm going down
Follow if you want
I won't just hang around
Like you'll show me where to go

I'm already out
Of foolproof ideas
So don't ask me how
To get started
It's all uncharted

Each day
Counting up the minutes, till I get alone
Cause I can't stay
In the middle of it all, it's nobody's fault, but I'm
So alone, never knew how much I didn't know
Oh, everything is uncharted

I know I'm getting nowhere
When I only sit and stare like

I'm going down
Follow if you want
I won't just hang around
Like you'll show me where to go

I'm already out
Of foolproof ideas
So don't ask me how
To get started
It's all uncharted

Jump start my kaleidoscope heart
Love to watch the colors fade

I won't go as a passenger, no
Waiting for the road to be laid
Though I may be going down
I'm taking flames over burning out

I'm going down
Follow if you want
I won't just hang around
Like you'll show me where to go

I'm already out
Of foolproof ideas
So don't ask me how
To start it

I'm going down
Follow if you want
I won't just hang around
Like you'll show me where to go

I'm already out
Of foolproof ideas
So don't ask me how
To get started
It's all uncharted

there it is favorite song as of right now.
and this girl does the best cover of it. everrrrrrr. i yub it.
i've been pretty down in the dumps lately, but this song makes me feel sooooo much better.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it's official, i'm jew of the year.

jew \ju-oo\
 1. any person acting in a way that is deserving of criticism and judgement.
 2. a word that can be used in any context, at any time, at any place, for any reason.
 3. it is what it is, if you're a jew, then you're a jew.

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. okay. the reason for all this jew business, is because i got called jew of the year for wanting to go to bed early. i mean...come on, give a sista a break! but i also did this post because jew is my new favorite word. but in a mock sort of way. you how we call people gay? yeah, it goes for jews too. that word gets thrown around frequently up in these parts. the best part about the whole thing is that i work for jews. so i have to watch my words reeeeeal carefully and bite my tongue often. that's what makes it so fun to say i guess. 

anywayssssssss. i want to throw a shout out to my good ol' buddy AL.HALL. thanks to you, my friend, i've been rockin the k-dash bun errryday. check it out.

my friends make fun of me and call me mulan and stuff, but whattair.... they don't phase me. their hurtful words just roll off my back like bacon bits......

i'm out.
have a heart, kick a jew.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

so here's the sitch.

i know i really suck. because it's been a million years since i posted.
and i'm gonna be honest with you..... i totally forgot what to do.... yeah. but whatevs.
i'm like, pretty busy and stuff all the time. ha. that's a lie. i'm not busy. i'm just a lazy little lady...
i can prove it to you. i slept in until 2:30 PM. and then i laid in my bed until now. which it's 3:16. cool huh?
totally missed church. but that's okay, there's always next week.

alright, now this is the sitch. i'm sad. i miss home. i miss my friends. i miss my boyfriend {galexy the stripper}. i miss the chunchine. i miss my dog. terribly. and i just miss the west in general. i miss it A LOT. it's put me in a fix.
i'm constantly daydreaming about the day i go home. but guess what kids? that's not for a loooooong time. which i'm pretty sad beans about. i just wish i would've used my brains and gone to college like all the normal people. but no, i had to think i was going to be cooler then everyone and move to new york.....
*i'm not bitter at all.*

cheers to happiness!

p.s. this is what i have to look forward too.

so i guess things are looking up.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

alex & alex

it must be a sign if both of your besties are named alex, right?
                 and both of their last names start with H. and their little brothers names both
                             start with the letter k. what the beep? what are the odds......

so anyways, both these girls have been incredible friends to me! and i'm so glad to have both of them in my life!

it's crazy how much they are alike.

              they are both freaking creative....

   they both enjoy photography. and they're both really good at it.

they both have dogs.   hahahaha

                                 they both went to snow canyon high school. at one point....

    they both have more of a heart than me. (i've never been much of a cryer)


       i've gone on fun vacations with both of them.

they both have beiber fever......

                           they are both extremely dorky!

    they've both been there for me when i needed them.
              they are both so talented in the things they do!

                        they both make me laugh.

  they are both super beautiful!

but the best thing about them, is that they're both my besties!

i love both of these girls sooooo much! 
and i'm so grateful for all the good times that i've shared with both of them.
and they better be in my life forever! 
{i apologize for stealing pictures from both of you, but it was easier that way}   :)   


Thursday, January 20, 2011

need i say more?

i miss this fool. 


oh scott. you gotta love him.

galexy. you're my one and only stripper.


i miss your buns. and your face. and just you.

welp. this was quite a random post. but whatevs. i liked these pictures. and i need something to do with my time. so this is what happens.

*T swift. you're my hero.*

p.s. blogging is like having homework for me....i dread it. i put it off for as long as possible until i feel guilty for not doing it. this crap is supposed to be fun!

so, this, i wish to everyone else that finds comfort in it: Happy Blogging!   :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

the art of venting.


i had the most un-lucky day ever yesterday. okay. maybe not ever. but here's how it goes:

7:05 -  wake up

        {snowing outside}

7:10 - woke phoebe up.
          got her breakfast

7:30 - i notice the note on the table that says "Windward School is closed today."
          (yay. that's phoebe's school.)

8:00 - 2:00  - Noah got up. Went to school. me and phoebe watched a couple hannah montana and icarly episodes. sat around. 

10:40 - Lynn(boss) got home from the gym. brought noah and his friend ethan for early release from school.

12:00 - did some  laundry.

1:00 - started making lunch.

2:00 - asked permission to go to the gym.

2:10 - elizabeth(nanny friend) picked me up. went to the bank. went to target. hit up the gym. {that's right fools. i'm getting ripped}

3:30 - text from Lynn  "i was wondering when you were coming home."

4:10 - text from Lynn "what's your time frame on today? should i give the kids a snack and then we can eat dinner late? will you be much longer?"

4:15 -  text from Lynn "could you get some clementine's from the store?"

4:20 - text from Lynn, "hi, are you coming back soon?"

4:25 - text from Lynn, "hi, marc is getting home at 5. i was thinking we could have dinner early tonight. can you let me know when you'll be home?"

       {at this point i was still at the gym, and hadn't checked my phone. i was getting worried though that she'd be mad about how long i'd been gone. so i went and checked my phone saw the listed texts. oh bones. i almost flipped a bi fit. i still had to go to the store and make dinner. yikes!}

4:30 - stop n' shop. {the only grocery stores they have in these parts} did my shoppin. and got the beep out of there.

5:10 -  got home. no one in sight. i thought to myself, "you lucky son of a beep."
         i was pretty sure my head was going to be chopped off. which, i don't know why i would think that, because my employers are the nicest people ever. and the mom is like, brynley anderson nice. ya know what i mean?

5:40 - everyone comes in from outside playing in the snow.

6:00 - dinner is ready and we eat. 

6:15 - clean up dinner/kitchen, shower, get ready to go get some dessert, and out to a movie with some nanny friends.

8:30 - arrive at applebee's.

8:50 - our waiter still hasn't taken our orders.

9:15 - finally, he takes our orders. only desserts. easy, right? apparently not.

9: 40 - our dessert comes out. one of them is burnt. wow. how nice of them! so we sent it back.

10:20 - we've been finished with our desserts for ten minutes and we haven't seen our waiter once.

10: 30 - darius shows up. where the %$#* have you been darius? he goes to get the check.

10: 40 - shows up with the check. ten minutes? really. he had to walk 10 steps to get to the cash register..

                        {our movie started at 10:45, fyi}

10:50 - comes back to pick up the check. i wanted to punch him! was he freakin turtle, or what?!

10: 55 - brings our receipts back. thanks a heap, darius. you made our night.

11:00 - made it to the movie, and had time to spare. we watched "how do you know". yeah. don't bother going to see it. it wasn't great. 

1:00 - walked to the car. um.... what's on my window? nothing. there wasn't a window anymore.
 fuh. why me? so we called the cops. made a report. blah blah blah. tried calling my employers. got nothing. they wouldn't answer any phones. oh goody.

1:45 - got back to my house. all doors are locked. best night ever right? tried calling the house a zillion times, no answer. ew. i was mad. and sad. and basically just really upset over-all. i mean, really? they couldn't hear the freaking phone ringing?? why would they lock all the doors in the first place.

2:00 - sat and cried on the garage steps.

2:10 -  called my friend laurin to come pick me up.{she's so nice. she let me sleep at her house and then drove me home in the morning.}

2:30 - laurin picked me up.

2:50 - got to laurin's house.

3:00 - fell fast asleep. 

 so basically, it wasn't that bad of a day. but if you put yourself in my shoes and then took a step back and thought about it. you'd say, "oh bones". because the kids were home, i was stressing about getting fired, i didn't make that great of a dinner, i got their car window bashed in, their gps was stolen and i got locked out. but the best part of the whole day, was that it snowed. all day. and there was snow and ice covering everything. including my car that i had to scrape off about three times. and it was 20 degrees yesterday.

             crool, huh?

                welp. if you read this. the pity party is over by now, so don't worry about bringing me a present. hahahaha.
i just needed to vent. and that's what i did. it was a frustrating night. but it's a good story for the future, right?